Shop Clearance by TJ Clearance & Removals

TJ Clearance - Buckingham - Shop Stock Room Clearance before


TJ Clearance - Buckingham - Shop Stock Room Clearance after

TJ Clearance and Removals, offer a professional commercial clearance service including shop, warehouse and office clearances. We can sort, remove and dispose of all shop interiors and exteriors, no matter what the size of your establishment.

Below are just some of the items we can remove for you:
• Stock, verminous waste and paperwork
• Electrical appliances, tills and filing storage units
• Desks, chairs and carpets
• Heavy machinery, scrap items and any other bits and

   pieces you want clearing.


We can also undertake property cleaning, please see our Property Cleaning page for more details or call us on 0800 44 88 408.


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