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We collect all types of WEEE from computer monitors, PC’s printers, laptops, routers and all aspects of  IT equipment. We collect fridges, air-conditioning units & freezers and all domestic and commercial washing machines, dishwashers etc. We comply fully with the WEEE Directive and provide full duty of care paperwork to show the auditable route of recycling.


How to arrange a WEEE collection

Contact us either by phone or email to arrange your WEEE collection. Our IT recycling service includes the removal of all IT and other waste electrical items from your premises to transport to authorised WEEE treatment facilities for reuse, refurbishment or recycling. Our WEEE collection service can be incorporated in a more general Office Clearance


What is WEEE?

WEEE is waste electronic and electrical equipment like TVs, fridges and computers. It is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Europe. Every year in the UK households throw away around 1 million tonnes of it. We have a good record of recycling large kitchen appliances like fridges, cookers and washing machines, but many other items are not treated or recycled and get buried in landfill sites. This wastes resources and puts a major strain on the environment.

New regulations about the way we manage WEEE came into force and the regulations apply to all companies who import, manufacture or re-brand electrical equipment in the UK. They also affect everyone who uses, sells, treats or disposes of WEEE. The regulations aim to tackle the growing amount of WEEE that is disposed of by setting targets for recycling and making producers pay for treating and recycling end-of-life electrical equipment.


You can tell which products are covered by these regulations, by looking out for the ‘crossed out wheeled bin symbol’. From 1 April 2007, all new electrical products placed on the market must have this symbol. However many producers have been using this symbol for some time now, so you may already spot it on products you already own.


The following types of household electrical and electronic equipment are covered by the WEEE Regulations. They are products that need electricity for their main function. So for example, a gas cooker with a small electrical clock would not be WEEE, because the main function (cooking) is not electrical.


• Large household appliances, e.g. washing machines, freezers.

• Small household appliances, e.g. vacuum cleaners, sewing machines.

• IT and telecommunications equipment, eg computers, keyboards and mobile phones.

• Consumer equipment, e.g. radios, TVs

• Lighting equipment, (excluding filament light bulbs and household light fittings and lamps.)

• Electrical and electronic tools e.g. electric drills, electric saws.

• Toys, leisure and sports equipment, e.g. electric train sets, video game consoles etc.


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